442 Magazine

Here are a few of the 10 illustrations I just completed for a really fun commission for 442 Magazine.  The feature is about conspiracy theories that surround football, World Cup, etc.  This was a stellar assignment with great art direction by Tom Chase!

And some sketches too!

And this one was cut for the lead...I like the image, but it didn't lead in as well as the one Tom chose.

Just one more column to finish...

Almost done with my latest project for Capstone Publishing, titled Supernatural Encounters, Chupacabra and other Cryptids. I wrote in a column on my "work to do" list called "Redraw Things that Suck". I've got five days before the deadline, so I can afford to go back and improve some of the drawing that is going to bother me in six months. Also, coffee spill.

work to do list.jpeg


In November, 442 Art Director Tom Chase hired me to illustrate a satirical story about the type of restaurants football (soccer!) players would open.  David and Victoria Beckham's sparse plated bistro was especially fun.  January issue...will post some pics here after the magazine comes out.


Here are the illustrations from that job:

Saturday afternoon Photoshop painting

I have been wanting to do some digital painting for a while, but have been busy! So, I had a few hours this afternoon and did a still life.  I was making bacon for Emma and put it on the little ramikin of poured out grease. The colors were cool to me and matched with the Macy's coupon sitting a few feet away.  Salt, bacon, bacon grease, and consumerism.  An unintentional painting about sin, I guess!

Chupacabra Graphic Novel!

I recently started working on a graphic novel for Capstone Publishing Called Chupacabra and Other Cryptid Encounters.  Fun project!  Started with the Mothman spreads and the cover this week and happy with the progress.  Can't wait to post some stuff!